Mum's We Specialise In Helping You!

We love working with mums. Ever since my wife gave birth to our first child Freyja I gained even more respect for my own mum. I never knew how tough it was! A lot of what we've done since is around helping families and parents fitness. Through our different packages.

We've helped many local mums gain their confidence and health back. We'll help you get back into those pre pregnancy clothes, feel sexy again and really reignite their inner-self again.

We can help you improve all those things that get you down from floppy arms and tummy's to a more holistic approach on building confidence and working on mental triggers. 

Client Testimonial

Nishita Patel - Leicester

*Disclaimer: Results may vary on an individual basis.

Client Testimonial

Sakoon - Leicester

*Disclaimer: Results may vary on an individual basis.

We have been in the fitness industry for 16 years now (I’m feeling old!)

And have seen many fads come and go, many trainers rise and fall and many clients achieve success. One thing we’ve noticed in all those years is its not necessarily the plan thats good or bad.

Don’t get me wrong, theres some shockers out there! But more the adherence of the people, their ability to commit. Its around this we have formed all our programs.

We have accountability at the forefront of all plans and our coaching aimed more at habit creation and education to give you what you need to succeed long term.

I could rattle on about all my experience and qualifications. YMCA this, strength and conditioning that, you can see them if you request them by all means.

But to be honest, all the qualifications in the world cant teach you to understand people! Thats the real power. Why do you eat this way? Why do you struggle with that?

Its understanding and listening, then putting things in place to combat this that helps people get where they want to be.

The only certification we would shout about is our Precision Nutrition qualifications, expert nutrition education and great coaching strategies. Through this system we've helped many local parents improve their lives. Check out more of our services here.


Meet The Nutricoach Team

I’m Co founder for Nutricoachdiet - Mark Deacon.

I have done 1-2-1 Personal Training for years and also competed and won a world title in Martial Arts. In more recent years we've been trying to help as many local Leicester mums as we can through our body transformation programs, cookbooks, seminars, training and more. Due to the popularity of this we started the Nutricoachdiet so we could offer more.

My name is Celeste Currie and I'm co-founder for Nutricoachdiet.

I have spent the last 7 years as a golf professional, and prior to that a swimming teacher, so I can proudly say that I understand the finer points of coaching and what it takes to get results. My passion for fitness and nutrition led me to join forces with Mark and work towards creating healthier, happier people. 10 years + of training my own body gives me a unique perspective on female fitness and nutrition, and this is something I'd like to pass on to other women to help them get the body they deserve.

So if you’d like to make a change and start moving your life forwards again - Book Your Free Consultation Now and get clear on what you want!