6 Things To Change Your Perspective On Weight Loss.

6 Things To Change Your Perspective On Weight Loss!

6 Things To Change Your Perspective On Weight Loss.

Shifting Your Mindset For Better Results!



We all have it.

And it’s often shaped by stereotypes and the thoughts of others. I mean, that’s what this blog is after all; my perspective. Although often, the information that shapes our perspective doesn’t always come from the right sources. Especially when it’s about weight loss. So whilst this is my perspective, my expertise in this area does add a little validity. At least, more than your mate Sharon at Slimming World who thinks eating dust and drinking cat piss is the secret to massive weight loss.

So with that said, I’ll have you consider that by opening up your mind, and creating a shift in perspective, you can radically alter the way you see weight loss, and within that, create better results for yourself.

Let’s consider 6 things that people often overlook or misunderstand:

1: Time.

People think that results happen in a week. They don’t. It takes times. That 6lbs you lost? It’s mostly water. It’s not all fat. And even if it was, you’re going to put it back on. How do I know this? Because you can’t alter a lifetime of habits in a week. You didn’t get fat in a week and you’re not going to get thin either. Yes you can lose weight fairly quickly, but real, lasting results in the form of a total Body Transformation takes time. Avoiding metabolic damage and creating new food and exercise habits is the only way to truly succeed.

2: It’s not just about how, it’s about why.

The how is the process. The why is what keeps you going when motivation drops and life tries to get in the way. The why is vital – without it there is no point. So before getting wrapped up in the how’s, make sure you understand your why’s, because you’re going to need that in the long run. Don’t know why? Then what’s the point? There isn’t one. Then you quit. So we need to know exactly WHY we’re doing the things that we do. Get clear on the facts and your feelings.

3: Just because it worked for her, doesn’t mean it will work for you.

You are not your friend. Nor are you Beyonce or Victoria Beckham. You’re YOU. So what you need, doesn’t always match what other people need. This is where having a coach and a trainer comes in. A coach will help lead you towards a desirable outcome, they will work with you to discover what needs to be done for you to reach your goals. They’ll create a blueprint, unique to you. Yes, some principles can be applied to most people, but you will always need an element of individuality to maximise results.

4: Resistance training will make a bigger difference than cardio.

I always say this, because it’s true. Curves? Those are muscle. Toning? That’s revealing the muscle by losing the fat. Lose the fat but have no muscle? You look emaciated. And your metabolism will run slower than a 90 year old with a walking frame. Muscle increases metabolism; faster metabolism means more calories burnt, meaning greater weight loss efficiency. Muscle gives you strength. Strength gets shit done. Take home message? Lift weights more than you do cardio.

5: Surround yourself with the right people.

People matter. As we’ve already discussed, they shape your perspective, they help motivate you, they provide support when things get rough. Surround yourself with powerful women, and become a powerful woman. Surround yourself with overweight, helpless people and guess what happens to you?
Choose your company wisely. 

6: Weight loss isn’t always the best goal.

Focusing in purely on weight loss is okay in the short term, but long term its a recipe for disappointment. The scale won’t always reflect the changes in your body, and it definitely won’t reflect the changes in your mindset or character. Consider performance and wellness goals and the weight will take care of itself.

So there you have it!

Time to change your perspective and get after some real results!

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