The 9 Things That Helped Me Drop 23lb Of Fat In One Month!

9 Easy To Use Strategies That Helped A Struggling, Fed Up, Leicester Parent, Transform His Body And Lose 23lb In Only One Month!

Oh And He... Is Me! Now I Feel Great And Have My Confidence Back! Find Out How I Did It Below...

Imagine in one month time being nearly two stones lighter, feeling great. Sat on a beach with the family and the sun beating down​ without having to worry about the wobbly bits! Kids playing in the background and feeling on top of the world. You can do that with these 9 easy to implement strategies...

3rd April 2017

Before Weight Loss

             3rd May 2017 (23lb down)

23lb of fat

Firstly, I won't lie and say it was easy to do such a huge amount in only one month; If you want easy stop right there and don't read on! But it was well worth it for the results, as you can see!

So this was all achieved with the following 9 strategies:

1) First Things First

We all have two driving forces that influence everything we do in life: the want to move towards pleasure and the want to move away from pain! My first step was to harness this!

I did this by standing in front of the mirror and taking pictures of the bits I didn’t like, and trying on clothes that no longer fit me and made me look like a fool. Then I blasted myself verbally for getting in that state. Didn’t quite have a cry (I am a man you know! haha) But not far off!

Then I got over it, accepted the now, cheered myself up and said lets move forwards. The pictures now serve as an emotional reminder of what I’m moving away from (The Pain!).

2) Next Up Lets Move Towards Pleasure

The need to move to pleasure is a huge motivator - everyone wants to feel good about themselves, it's human nature. So I dug out my wedding photos of when I was buff and set myself some very specific goals! I wrote down how I would achieve them and put a bit of a plan in place of what I wanted to achieve. The wedding photos were the pleasure motivator and a reminder of what was possible. The goals were small, easily attainable wins to keep me on track.

3) How To Meet My Goals With Nutrition

The biggest factor was my nutrition. We all know the "80% of results is the nutrition" mantra that people spout! Me included because its true! So I set a calorie goal based on my activity levels that would give me the result I wanted. I also outlined my macronutrients. Simply put, it was High Protein, High Fat, Low Carbohydrates. No starchy carbs but as much veg and salad as I could stomach with lean meats, protein bars, nuts etc.

4) How To Meet My Goals With Exercise

We know that if we exercise with weights we send signals for muscle to grow and repair post exercise. This will help to burn more calories day to day as we will have more metabolically active tissue in the form of muscle. On top of this, it's time away from eating, so you're burning the cals instead of putting them in! I aimed for 3 weight sessions a week and a couple of cardio sessions as a minimum. Long term the cardio isn't really the key to weight loss but I had another goal to complete Tough Mudder on my return from holiday so needed to be ready for that. Otherwise I would have switched for more weights.

5) How To Meet My Goals With Activity

Activity levels are so crucial. We have clients who come to us and when we track their movement they are only taking 3000 steps a day and wonder why they struggle to lose weight! With government guidelines at 10,000, and me easily hitting 12k normally, I aimed for 20,000 steps a day. To meet this just required a longer dog walk, and if I was looking short, a quick evening dash around the block.

6) Being Accountable

If you know it will be highly embarrassing to fail as everyone knows what you're doing, it becomes harder to fail! We coach people to lose weight, so for me to set a target and not hit it cannot happen! So I set the target and told everyone, put it out on social media, and told our clients for two reasons - one; to inspire and help spur them on, and two; keep me in line. I couldn't fail in front of our clients! haha

7) Dealing With Temptations

Whether it be the choices at the shop, social events or family meals, there's always temptation. But it's how you perceive it, and your mindset. If I had a pound for every time a client said I struggle with social eating I’d be rich. This translates to any or all of the following: I have no self control as I don’t want it enough, I haven't set any goals to motivate me to be better, I haven't got uncomfortable with where I am now so don’t have enough of a reason to move away from this pain. When I temptations I would just stop for a second and think about the pain I'm moving away from, the pleasure I’m moving towards, and my goals. Once the initial impulse was gone, and I had thought about it, there wasn't really any temptation or craving that was worth it. You just need to stop for a minute and have a think.

8) You Can’t Do It Alone

Celeste was my sound board for whinging. If I was tired, getting it off my chest and having her tell me to wipe the sand out of my lady parts and get on with it would do the trick! haha. When I didn’t drop what I wanted on a week, she gave advise. Often it was something easy that I’d overlooked. Which is why we all need coaches! Charlene’s (my wife) support at home was a huge help; not tempting me too much with crap, though she did at times (please go back to number 7 and re read! ) and telling me how well I was doing was all the external motivation I needed. Members and clients were great as we all supported each other in the social media group and in classes too.

9) Mindset

There were tough times and many would have given in. Keeping the motivational factors in mind and the plan to hand I found it easier to keep my mindset on point. I found I went back into compete mode from when I used to kickbox in tournaments and the single minded mindset really helped to keep me on track for the month. The equivalent for a normal person would be when you feel you're up against it but know you can win so you give it everything you have; that primal instinct to survive and succeed!

Boom! That's it! 23lb Of Fat Gone!

Obviously there's a bit more to it but I don’t want to bore you for days!

If you want the exact workout plans and what I ate specifically just ping me an email at and I can give you an example. It's straightforward and the nutrition is easy as I like to keep things simple. Eggs for breakfast, huge salad and lean meat for lunch and loads of veg and lean meat for dinner. 2 low carb protein bars and 3 litres of water a day is pretty much it! Chest and back workout, Shoulders and legs workout and a whole body one for the weights. Two runs in the morning through the week, done!

Whats Next Though?

If I just stop dead I will put it all back on, that's why there's these 3 things I do to make sure I don’t fall flat!

So i'll implement these 3 steps:

  1. What Now? - Moving onto other goals - You must re-assess so that you have a new pleasure to work towards. For me it's to start some more serious muscle building and keep lowering body fat. I have set some specific goals around this to work towards.
  2. Keep Moving and Motivated - So as well as the new goals I have re assessed the pleasure and pain points. Pleasure is still the wedding body and also now making my daughter proud as she gets older. I want to be the dad that all the kids says is the toughest or the strongest so my daughter can hold her head high and follow my example.
  3. We All Make Mistakes - It's going to happen at some point, I will cheat, I will have a blow out, it's going to happen. When it does I will draw a line in the sand, forgive myself and move forwards so it doesn’t spiral out of control.

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