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Ladies! We Specialise In Helping You!

Everything we do at Nutricoachdiet is aimed at helping local ladies be the best that they can  be. To look and feel amazing, to walk with confidence and to know that they can achieve anything they choose to. It goes beyond the body and the health - although the sexy body is definitely a benefit!

We've helped many local ladies Transform not only their body, but their mindset and lifestyle too. Strength of body AND strength of mind is what we do here. Your weight will drop and your confidence will rise! You can finally become the woman you've always wanted to be.

Our holistic approach leads to consistent, sustainable results, and this is something we're really proud of. 

Client Testimonial

Nishita Patel - Leicester

*Disclaimer: Results may vary on an individual basis.

Client Testimonial

Sakoon - Leicester

*Disclaimer: Results may vary on an individual basis.

We have been in the fitness industry for over 16 years!

We've seen fads come and go, trainers rise and fall, and many clients achieve success. And the biggest thing we've noticed? The success comes from adherence. Not from a fancy diet, or a new age training plan.

Don't get us wrong, there are things that work better than others, but ultimately it only works if YOU work! Your work and commitment are what get results. And with our support and carefully tailored plans, you CAN succeed where you have failed before. 

We have accountability at the forefront of all plans, and our coaching is aimed at habit creation and education to give you what you need to succeed long term.

Between us we have multiple qualifications, and if you wish to see them please ask.

But to be honest, all the qualifications in the world can't teach you to understand people!

That's the real power in what we do; we understand YOU and YOUR lifestyle and goals.

It's this understanding and listening that allows us to put things in place to combat your weakness and aid your success.

The only certification we would shout about is our Precision Nutrition qualifications; these give us our expert nutrition education and coaching strategies. 

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Meet The Nutricoach Team!

My name is Celeste Currie and I'm the Co-Founder & CEO of Nutricoachdiet.

With over 8 years as a golf teaching professional, a shaw method swimming instructor and now a black belt kickboxing coach, I can proudly say that I understand the finer points of coaching and what it takes to get results. My passion for fitness and nutrition led me to join forces with Mark and work towards creating healthier, happier ladies. 12 years + of training my own body gives me a unique perspective on female fitness and nutrition, and this is something I'd like to pass on to other women to help them get the body they deserve.

I’m also Co-Founder for Nutricoachdiet - Mark Deacon.

I have done 1-2-1 Personal Training for years and also competed and won a world title in Martial Arts. In more recent years we've been trying to help as many local Leicester ladies as we can through our body transformation programs, cookbooks, seminars, training and more. Due to the popularity of this we started the Nutricoachdiet so we could offer more.

Happier, Healthier and Leaner? 

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