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Is Nutrition Coaching Just for Athletes?

Is Nutrition Coaching Just for Athletes?How much do you know about nutrition coaching? Do you pay much attention to the quality and quantity of the food you eat, and how it affects you? For athletes, food really is fuel because they have to perform. The odd pizza won’t do them any harm. But you’d be unlikely […]

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What Are the Advantages of Online Coaching?

What Are the Advantages of Online Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching?​You’ve heard of coaching, I’m sure. Coaches now exist in many areas of life, helping people reach whatever goals they may have set for themselves. Coaches work in the areas of personal nutrition, health and fitness and many other areas as well. they even now […]

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Navigating the Minefield of Personal Nutrition

Navigating the Minefield of Personal Nutrition On one day, coffee is good for you. The next day, it’s bad. Then you learn that carbs are good after all… and the next day, they’re being demonised in the press. It’s no wonder more and more people are feeling confused about nutrition and how to eat healthily. […]

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How Does a Personal Trainer Keep You Accountable?

How Does a Personal Trainer Keep You Accountable?We’ve all been there. We run for the bus or the train and feel out of puff doing it. With aching legs and no steam to get the whole way. Either that or going upstairs proves to be a bit harder than it was before. There comes a […]

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What is Nutrition Coaching?

What is Nutrition Coaching?Most of us are familiar with the concept of coaching. It involves hiring someone to help us enhance our performance in a particular area of our life. Nutrition coaching, then, enables us to eat more healthily and achieve any specific goals we may have in this area. It feels as though food has […]

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Why Hire a Personal Trainer?

Why Hire a Personal Trainer?Does hiring a personal trainer feel like a luxury to you?​Do you view it as something only the celebrities and movie stars do?You might be surprised how many ‘regular people’, so to speak, hire a personal trainer. Exercise is a fundamental part of a healthy life. However, unless you’re really motivated […]

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