Banish Boredom Eating For Good! Simple Tips You Can Start Using Today.

Banish Boredom Eating For Good!

Banish Boredom Eating For Good!

Simple Tips That You Can Start Using Today.


We’ve all been there.

Staring mindlessly into the open fridge, waiting to be inspired.

We’re not hungry.

We’re BORED.

And because of that, we’re going to EAT.
‘Cause food is satisfying. And it alleviates the boredom momentarily.

But this is not good for your waistline, or your general health.
It’s very rare that you boredom binge on broccoli, because we’re not eating out of need, we’re eating out of want, and what do you want more; Broccoli or cake??

And what’s more, boredom eating can morph into comfort eating, which is why it’s important to get a handle on it before it escalates.

When we eat to satisfy an emotion need, it often creates feelings of guilt, which oddly enough can only be quashed by eating more, creating a viscous cycle.

So we’ve got a few simple strategies to help you banish the boredom binging and put a stop to the emotional eating. Check them out below:


Learn to identify real hunger vs emotional/boredom hunger. Once you understand what it really means to be hungry, it’s easy to control it.

#2 PLAN. 

Once you can identify the signs and see the triggers, put a plan in place. Let’s call it the “when shit hits the fan plan”. For example, going to bed instead of staying up, doing some light exercise in the afternoon at the time you usually raid the biscuit tin.


Not only does exercise keep you healthy and help manage your weight, it also makes you less likely to binge. Why binge and ruin your hard work?? It helps to provide both distraction, and perspective. Plus it’s likely to have your body craving good, nutrient dense foods for recovery, and eating more of these leads to greater satiety and less perceived hunger.


Fairly self explanatory here… If you’re bored find something to do! It doesn’t have to be elaborate or fancy, just something to occupy your mind and keep you away from the fridge. DIY. Reading. Arts and Crafts. Sports. Anything you enjoy. Not only will it stop the boredom binge, it’ll also expand you as a person and make you more interesting 😉


Nowadays we feel like we have to be constantly on the go. It’s fast lane living, but sometimes it’s good to embrace to quiet time. Rather than considering it as boredom, use the time to practise mindfulness. Create space away from the daily stresses and enjoy the peace. Try a guided mediation, or simply just sit and think.


You know you’re going to eat junk if you’re bored, so do yourself a favour and clear it all out. Fill the fridge with good quality, nutritious food. At least then if you binge, you’re filling up on good stuff. It’s not often people pig out on vegetables!

So there you have it!

6 tips to help curb the boredom eating. Start implementing them today and see how you get on.

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