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Can I Lose Weight Whilst Eating Junk Food??

Can I lose weight whilst eating junk food??


In simple terms, the answer is yes, you can lose weight eating junk food. Diets such as IIFYM play on this, however it’s never really quite that simple in real life. 

When it comes down to it, it’s ultimately energy balance that counts, so input versus output. Simply put, if you are eating less than what your using, you’ll find yourself in a  negative energy balance which means you’ll lose weight (whether that is fat, muscle or other substances is another story!) For example, let’s say that I need to eat 2000 calories a day to maintain my weight, if I start eating 1500 calories a day, in theory I should lose weight.

95% of the time this is true. There are other things that come into play that can affect this – absorption rates, nutrient deficiencies, your own personal quirks with how your body works, and many other things because everybody is different and the human body isn’t black-and-white in its functions.

BUT generally it does come down to energy balance. 

So let’s put this into perspective – say I eat 1500 calories of junk food, and I eat 1500 calories of ‘good’ food (vegetables, good quality fat, lean proteins) so that i’m getting all of the nutrients that I need. I could also be taking multivitamins and fish oil. 

Which way will see me losing weight?

The junk food diet? Or the healthy diet?

The answer: both. 

Could you lose more weight by eating better food?

Possibly. Particularly if we think about the long term. Because we know that a diet of junk food is not sustainable, or in any way healthy.

But at the end of the day, I’m going to lose weight either way.

That being said though, we ALWAYS point our clients towards healthy nutrition, focusing on quality of foods, rather than fixating on ways to get away with poor nutrition.

Good nutrition and targeted exercise are the cornerstones of our Body Transformation Plan.

The reality of the situation is that it’s actually harder to lose weight whilst eating junk food. And a lot easier to gain it without realising!

If you imagine a chocolate bar of around 300 calories, compared to 300 calories of lean protein, vegetables and fat. Its a huge difference in the volume of food – 1 bar vs 1 plate full. Junk food is hugely dense in calories, whereas healthy food tends to be less dense, but greater in volume. Could you imagine eating 300 calories of broccoli??! It’s easy to overeat junk food – it’s much harder to over-eat the good stuff!

Calories don’t fill you up – volume of food fills you up! 

So if you want to eat and be satisfied, junk food is not the way. How many times have you had a Big Mac and felt hungry after?? You’ve consumed a decent amount of calories – yet you’re still hungry. Which makes it very hard when you’re trying to restrict calories in order to lose weight. 

Secondly, if you’re eating junk food chances are you going to be deficient in many in vital nutrients. Your body is going to be a mess, working overtime to clear the toxins and flush out the excess salt, sugar and chemicals. 

And a body that’s a mess is not going to be running efficiently, and isn’t going to lose weight as easily as a body that is healthy and running as well as it possibly can. 

We want you to lose weight whilst being nourished and feeling good, rather than sacrificing your health in an effort to get thin!

Underfed but well nourished, rather than overfed and undernourished, which is the case when it comes to junk food.

There’s no point being lean and fit if you’re not well enough to enjoy it!

Do as your mother told you; eat the vegetables.

Easier said than done? Not with our Body Transformation Plan. Training, nutrition, and mindset. Everything you need to get real results. 

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