Cristiano Ronaldo Fitness Gizmos Vs Boring Old Hard Work

Cristiano Ronaldo, Fitness Gizmos and Why The Easy Way Sucks!

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So this isn't going to be a dig at football, although I do have an intense dislike for the game.

This is about that daft fitness gizmo Cristiano Ronaldo has become the new face of. Do you know the one I mean? You put it on, zap your muscles with a few electrical impulses, and BOOM, lean athletic body is yours to keep.

People will buy this at £150.

They'll buy it, use it, and then put it away to collect dust because it doesn't work.

Does it stimulate your muscles? Yes.

Will it get you the body you want? NO.

Because working a muscle doesn't reveal it. It's the same as doing 1000's of crunches. IT WILL NOT GET YOU ABS.

But It works on the models in the advert?

No it doesn't.

They already look like that because they are professional athletes.

You have to reduce your body fat levels to look lean and toned, and the only way to do that is through the correct nutrition, mindset and training. They have team around them. Athlete's are told what training to do, what food to eat, and they have constant support. (Exactly what we offer here at Nutricoachdiet!)

Laying down wearing a few electrodes is as ridiculous as it sounds, but people will buy it, because they are desperate for a better body. And because it's easy.

But easy doesn't get fitness results.

At least not good, lasting ones.

Think about it.

Would you rather waste money on crappy gym gizmos, or do something that challenges you? When you take the easy way, nothing happens to your fitness.

But when you start to challenge yourself, amazing things happen.

You become stronger, not just physically, but mentally.

You'll develop grit and determination as well as fitness, which are the things you need to succeed in life.

You become a better version of yourself.

And that's what we're all about here at Nutricoachdiet.

Empowering people through targeted training, nutrition and mindset coaching to become the best version of themselves.

Nothing easy is worth doing.

And nothing worth doing is ever easy.

Forget the fancy gadgets and do something that works.

Something you can be proud of.

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