Dinner Time! Real World Tips For Healthy Family Meals.

Dinner Time! Real World Tips For Healthy Family Meals.

Dinner Time!

Real World Tips For Healthy Family Meals.


dinner time

Life is busy.

We’re always doing something.

Whether it’s work or personal, there’s not much time left to think about food.

But we should. We should prioritise food.

After all, we need it to survive!

We all live different lives and run our homes in different ways, but the image of a happy family sitting around the table together is universal. It’s something that everyone enjoys, but often fail to achieve simply because we’re busy and find it easier to make an excuse not to do it. So everyone ends up eating at different times, and usually different meals. And to top it off, the food is often something quick, and not necessarily the healthiest – chicken nuggets and chips for the kids, a microwave meal for the husband. And a glass of wine and some chocolate at 10pm for you because you’re too tired to cook anything, despite being desperate to lose weight.

Sound familiar?

In reality, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can change this, without having to drastically overhaul your life. Check out the tips below:


Make it a priority to sit down for one meal a day with your family. Breakfast, lunch or dinner – whichever you can manage. Make it a priority in order the make it happen! Express the importance to your family and tell them they all have to attend. This allows you to bond as a family, and develop healthy eating habits together. We tend to eat slower, and in smaller amounts when we eat together, which is great when you’re looking to lose weight.

One meal!

One option. You get what you’re given! Something that helps you reach your weight loss goals and will provide your family with good quality nutrients is key. Kids moaning? Then jazz it up. Try a new recipe. Disguise things. Kids are open to new things, you just have to pitch it to them the right way!

Cook Together!

Getting invested in the process makes kids more likely to want to eat the food. It also makes your job easier because many hand make like work! In teaching them to cook, you’re giving your kids valuable life skills that will help them go on to become healthy adults who are less likely to end up overweight. It’s great bonding time too!


Make a menu, and a shopping list based on what you’re going to be eating that week. Fill the house with nutritious foods to stop the temptation of throwing a frozen pizza in the oven. Batch cook meals and freeze them for the busier days.

Be The Example!

Your kids learn from you, so you need to set an example. Eat like an adult. Eat like someone who cares about their health and they will follow your lead. Vegetables are not so gross when they see Super-Mum eating them! Show them that it’s good to try new things, and the importance of eating a diet filled with nutritious, healthy foods.

So there you have it!

Time to change dinner times to something enjoyable!

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