Do As Your Mother Told You - Eat More Green Vegetables!

Do As Your Mother Told You!

I think everyone remembers their mother telling them to eat their vegetables or they wouldn't grow up to be big and strong.

This was usually followed by some sort of groan of protest before unwillingly shovelling them down. All in the hope to get some ice cream for dessert.

Now as adults, you have a choice as to whether you eat your vegetables. But I'm here to tell you that mother was right! As always.

In order to function optimally, your body needs vital micronutrients, which you get from a diet high in a variety of vegetables. Vegetables are packed full of the good stuff and really will help your body drop fat and gain muscle. Don't eat enough and you may become nutrient deficient.

Most of the adult population do not eat enough vegetables!

Most of the adult population are deficient in at least one vitamin or mineral!

Most of the adult population are overweight!

The same can be said for children - Which is shocking, we really are killing our kids!

There's a pattern here; less veg = more fat gain and poor health.

If you really want to lose weight, and keep it off, you need to eat more vegetables! Just try and make it more appealing and get out those cookbooks.

Your body doesn't want to lose weight. And if it's already unhappy because it's nutritionally deficient, you'll have an even harder time shifting those pounds.

Moreover, vegetables are low in calories vs volume, meaning you can fill up on them and keep your calories below maintenance, which are two keys of successful weight loss.

Here at Nutricoachdiet we recommend that for each meal you eat, half of your plate is some sort of vegetable, or a mixture of vegetables.

Try increasing your vegetable intake and see how it helps you.

Remember to eat them, don't juice them! (reasons in another blog at a later date!)

To learn more about how we can help you lose those unwanted pounds, message me back now, or sign up for our 5-6-7 plan.

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