FACT: Diets Make You Fat. Ditch The Fads & Quit Calorie Counting.

FACT: Diets Make You Fat. Time To Ditch The Fads & Quit Calorie Counting For Good.

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FACT: Diets Make You Fat.

Ditch The Fads & Quit Calorie Counting For Good.


How would it feel to be able to lose weight and feel great without counting calories or going to extremes?

How would it feel to say goodbye to the slim shakes, throw out the daft fitness gizmos and never have to look at another bowl of cabbage soup ever again? (Unless that floats your boat.)

Pretty damn good.

I know, because I did it.

I dropped 7% of my bodyweight, increased my strength and skyrocketed my energy.

But you know what I didn’t do?

I didn’t change my training. I didn’t take any extra supplements. I didn’t go to extremes. I didn’t track macros. And I definitely didn’t count calories.

I didn’t beat myself up about eating. I didn’t end up failing and going on a binge either.

Because these are the real dangers of fad dieting…

Along with:

Metabolic damage.
Disordered eating.
Poor health.

It all adds up.

One problem exacerbates another, and another, until you feel like you’re stuck, unable to move, unsure of where to go or what the hell to do…

We get it. Really.

Did you know that two thirds of women are on a diet or think they should be on a diet? And that’s just in Britain…

This is getting out of hand, and it’s time to put an end to skewed views on weight loss, to stop ladies destroying themselves in an effort to get thin, and to teach you how to finally become the best version of yourself, whilst living your life and thriving.

It is possible.

You don’t have to stay stuck in a vicious cycle of deprivation, of stop starts, of failures. You don’t have to lose the weight only to put it all back on again.

Food isn’t the problem.

Food is the solution.

It’s our brains that are at fault.

Our beliefs.

Our Views.

Our Perceptions.

But there is a better way.

And it can all start right here for you, in our Free Five Days Of Fire Challenge.

We’re going to spend a week with you, teaching you:


  • Why calorie counting doesn’t work.
  • What to do instead.
  • What to eat and why.
  • How to move to maximise you results.
  • And much, much more.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one.


I’m so sick of seeing people fail to get results and resorting to extreme measures that we decided it’s time we made a stand.

It’s time we start to we educate people on the realties of health and weight loss.

Is it easy? Of course not. If it were, the world would be full of healthy, fit people.

But it is simple.

And achievable.

We want to live in a world of unstoppable, happy, healthy women, and it’s our mission to make it happen.

Are You Ready & Willing To Join Us?

This is only the beginning…


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