Body Transformation, Personal Training and Weight Loss Specialists - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Personal Training, Body Transformation And Weight Loss Programs.

I've Not Trained In Years... Or Ever... Will The Body Transformation Program Be Suitable? Will The Workouts Be Too Tough?

A lot of the people who come to us are in the same boat. Our Personal Training and Body Transformation packages all have alternatives and options so you can work to YOUR level! We will always push you to be the best you can but never push you beyond your limits. We can guarantee your weight loss efforts wont be in vain!

I'm A Vegetarian, Is This A Problem?

No, not at all. Our nutrition is all set around guidelines and compliance, we don’t force our recipes on you or tell you what to eat. We supply you the guidelines to create compliant meals, and help you to tweak your normal meals and eating patterns to make them healthier so anyone can benefit from our coaching. Our nutrition is great for Weight Loss and Body Transformation, allowing safe, sustainable weight loss.

Do You Tell Me What To Eat and Can I Make It For The Whole Family?

We can supply food plans with shopping lists, cooking instructions etc, but we prefer not to! Most people who follow a diet plan fail because they feel restricted and like they are missing out on “normal” food. As Precision Nutrition coaches we are able to utilise the world class Pro Coach platform to deliver our nutrition coaching. We focus on habit development, taking the slow and steady approach. We look to get to the real reasons why you struggle with your weight, deep diving into your psychology and beliefs, helping you change your mindset and habits. Because of this, changes become sustainable, meaning a long term body transformation.

I'm Worried I Am Too Big, Can I Manage the Body Transformation?

Yes, certainly! If you believe you can, you will. It’s all about mindset! We have plenty of people who have started in the same situation as you, I can promise you this without even seeing you. Overweight, Obese, Morbidly Obese, whatever label you want to put on it, we've dealt with it and can help you get to where you want to be. We prefer not to put labels on people as we deal with YOU, the individual, and it's YOU who we want to help get results.

I Feel I May Be Too Old And/Or Have Too Many Injuries, Is This A Problem?

Not at all. As long as your doctor says you’re fit to exercise, you can. We've had people with all manner of health problems and injuries, and most the time we can work around it. In some instances we may require a doctors letter before we allow you to train.

I'm Very Busy, What Are The Timings And Where Are You Based?

Our Body Transformation sessions are ran out of our Facility in Oadby. Personal Training clients can arrange a time with a trainer to suit.

There are currently 9 Body Transformation sessions each week, ranging from early pre work sessions, post school run sessions, and evening sessions.

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