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Fighting The Fat

Hi, its’ Mark from Nutricoach.

I wanted to share my own story of fighting the Fat!

So I’ve always struggled with it since I was a teen. Family breakdown + sweet tooth = emotional eating!

Even though you’d think someone with my qualifications and activity levels wouldny struggle with these things I do! I always have people say, well its easy for you! Err no, quite the opposite.

I know it all, I can coach you into whatever body you want, I know how to do it and how to help you emotionally, physically, sort out habits etc. But really struggle with myself, which can leave you feeling really bad when your supposed to be the expert!

I used to compete at kickboxing which gave me masses of motivation and focus to eat well.

Now I dont compete, and am very busy and stressed, I have fell back to my old ways!


I dont have a coach! The missing link literally was just that I don’t have help and am not accountable! Even with all my knowledge this simple fact eluded me till now!

Anyway I’m currently sourcing coaches of my own to help me get back fighting fit. I may even enter a cheeky competition again to reignite the fire.

Feeling the same? I will share my journey with you as it happens and hopefully it will help!

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Speak soon,


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