Food for thought! Are we killing our kids with too many treats?

Food Tor Thought! Are We Killing Our Kids?

food for thought

If your trying to get healthy you know not to eat chocolate, crisps, sweets, refined sugar, too much red meat and all that other crap food right?

You know this because you know they are poison to your body. They are linked to an increased likelihood of obesity, heart disease, cancer and death!

So your trying to get healthy and lose weight and you know to cut them out right?

We also know you will crave them and they will be tough to get rid of as they are addictive. Sugar in fact is likened to cocaine for its addictiveness!

You still feed them to your kids though right? Well many people do anyway!

Isn't that sick?

Leading your kids into the same pattern of over eating. Being addicted to sugar. Putting on weight and possibly even ending up with the nasty stuff mentioned above!

You love your kids right?

So why do it?

Before you go ape poop crazy and fire back at me I'm not having a go! I completely understand, its so tough. I just wanted to play devils advocate a mo and make you think!

Think about it - How come everything we do seems to be linked to bad foods?

We have Christmas - Easter - Birthday Parties - Social Events - Fathers Day - Mothers Day etc etc the list goes on.

Every one of these we have somehow ended up with the concept we MUST TREAT ourselves! We MUST TREAT our kids! Problem is its too much and its killing us all - Literally.

Who’s fault is that? Do we have control?

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Yes some but lets be honest its hard, I struggle.

Now think about this - The government as a whole get a lot of money from food companies. Food companies that liker to put a lot of low cost Maize based crap in our foods along with other stuff!

So all of a sudden the government and other experts start this notion of whats healthy - Wholegrain etc etc (it is in the right form and amount mind!)

Daily we are bombarded with cereal adverts claiming to be healthy and wholegrain. Please do drink this processed wholegrain that doesn’t have any good fats or protein in and is completely un natural with your daily dose of baby cow growth hormones. Don't get me wrong I'm not a vegan and cant stand the preaching as much as the next meat lover! haha. But that is designed for a completely different animal and has been linked to loads of issues, to which you possibly don’t know as the government doesn’t seem to promote that.

This is one of many gripes, adverts for every single holiday above are usually based on showing someone love by giving them alcohol or bad food. Thus showing them you love them by killing them! :-/

Anyway I wont ramble on but just leave you with a suggestion:

Clear out the treat cupboard! When they ask for a treat they probably are starting comfort eating habits - Give them a hug and a stick of celery! haha (maybe not the celery)

Next Mothers Day, Fathers Day or Birthday - Hug someone to show you love them and take them out for a lovely walk. If its a kid get them an active present and go out playing on it.

For christmas and valentines get the other half some bedroom gifts and burn some calories 😉

Generally focus your love and social life around things more than just food.

Do this and say Fuck You to the food corporations, government!

If you feel you want some help getting you and your family healthy just get in touch.

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