Forever Living Daftly - 3 Reasons Why Fad Diets Totally Suck

Forever Living Daftly - 3 Reasons Why Fad Diets Suck

Fad Diets

There are endless fad diets out there, promising the body of your dreams with little effort. All you have to do is take a few fancy pills, drink some vile shakes or teas, and BOOM, 30 days later you're a model.

We buy into this, because it sounds so simple and easy to do. Plus lets be honest, were desperate!

And because of the amazing health benefits promised!

These beeswax pills and Aloe Vera drinks not only help you lose weight, they also improve your health they say!

Sounds great, doesn't it?

Maybe Not - Let's look at this objectively

Science has proven that we need a varied diet and exercise in order to be healthy. So how can a starving yourself and not exercising be good for you?

It isn't! Common sense tells you that.

Your body requires vital macro and micro nutrients to function properly, which means you need to eat - From Food!

Sure, you can lose weight following these daft diets, but what happens when you start eating and behaving like a normal human being? You put the weight back on.

Starvation diets are not sustainable! And they don't get to root of why you're overweight in the first place.

These types of fad diets only reinforce bad habits and get you caught up an endless cycle of yo-you dieting, leading to metabolic damage and making it even harder long term to get the body you really want.

I could spend all day discussing the issues with fad diets, but for the sake of simplicity:

Let' Summarise it into 3 easy to understand points:

  1.  You need food to function and remain healthy. Amino acids, vitamins etc don't appear out of thin air - you need to digest them, which means eating a varied diet.
  2. Fad diets encourage unhealthy behaviour and can be psychologically damaging - this is where eating disorders come from! 
  3. They can cause long term metabolic damage, making it even harder to lose weight - constant yo-yo dieting means you have to eat less and less to see any weight loss. You'll probably even gain weight eating less than you did before!

So if these fad diets don't work, what should you do?

Have a read of our previous blog here on how to lose weight safely to get yourself started and get an idea of how we do things at Nutricoachdiet.

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