Healthy Breakfast - Whats A Good Choice To Have?

Healthy Breakfast

Hi, it's Mark here from Deacon's Fitness & Nutrition Coaching. I always get asked by people, what's the best thing to have for breakfast? Or what is a healthy breakfast. So I thought i'd make this to quickly go through and explain; What you should do and, what you should avoid!
My advice would be to eat high fat, high protein, low carb breakfast. If your aim is to lose weight, if you're looking to gain weight and to put on muscle, it would be the same advice. With a small amount of carbohydrates in there, but not too much! The biggest problem people tend to make is they think they're being healthy having things like Bran Flakes and Porridge for breakfast. But effectively what they're doing is they're waking up, they're in a fasted state, they're then eating something high in carbohydrates. Whether slow release or not, they're eating it, and it's sending their blood sugar up! Whether it's going up fast or slow, it will go up. If it goes up it's going to come down too!
So three hours later, what are you going to crave? You're going to crave carbohydrates again! So you're going to be on that roller coaster all day, going up and down, and you're probably gonna end up neglecting the other things you should be eating because you're gonna keep getting those cravings for the other things, full of carbohydrates. The other problem is that people eat too much of those for breakfast. So especially if you make it yourself, you mike like the ready mix type stuff. In a normal breakfast bowl, you can have as much as 500 calories in there, and there's hardly any nutrients in there that are particularly that great for you!
You're better off switching that out and going for things that are high in fat and high in protein. So things like eggs, avocado, stuff like that, because the fat's gonna be a more sustainable energy source throughout the day, and the protein's gonna give you what you need to recover. So especially if you're someone who's training and looking to actively put weight on or, or to lose weight, you need that extra protein, to either build up muscle or to stop the muscle you've got being taken away while you're body's looking for food and for energy.
So high protein is gonna give you exactly what you need. It's gonna limit the amount of cravings you're gonna get, and it's gonna make your body want to look at your own fat stores as energy, as opposed to just wanting more carbohydrates, "Oh, I'm hungry, I want some carbs," "Oh, I'm hungry, I want some carbs."! Not to say carbs are the enemy, they're not! But just a lot of people make that mistake of thinking they're being really healthy eating porridge, and eat way too much of it, and they don't have any protein!
If you're looking to put muscle mass on, that's fine, have a little bit of porridge, and some protein and fats. But for most people, you could just sack them off, switch to high protein, high-fat breakfast and you'll see results on that alone.
If you're interested in this kind of stuff, and you want any more advice, feel free to email me on for advice 🙂
Healthy Breakfast

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