Joe Wicks' New TV Series - My Thoughts On The Body Coach

Joe Wicks’ New TV Series – My Thoughts!

Joe Wicks’ New TV Series – My Thoughts!




Have you been watching Joe Wicks’ new TV program?

Fantastic marketing for his 90 day plan! But is it really as good as it looks?

Now anything that encourages people to move and eat well is good in my book.

He’s in good shape, the ladies love him, and he’s a decent cook…

But the plan does have it’s flaw​s…

Did you know Joe has no nutrition qualifications?


Not one.​​​​​​​​​

Yet he’s making a killing from his programs and cookbook.

Why? Fancy marketing is the honest answer there.

I know of a few people who have followed his SSS plan, and I’ve done some research and it’s not surprising why so many people fail on this plan.

So the plan involves signing up for 3 months, at a cost of £147 per month. You send an initial photo to a support person, who then sends you a “personalised nutrition plan”, which you follow for the first month. It involves weighing your foods, and having to cook everything from scratch using his recipes. It’s recommended that every week you prep all your food for the entire week.

After a few weeks you start to follow the pre set home workouts, whilst continuing with the diet. You start with High Intensity Interval Training style workouts, then in month 3 you add in weight training. After that you “graduate” and should have achieved your goals.

Sounds good on paper. Looks good on his website too, which is a marketing masterpiece – hence why people buy into it.

But here’s the issues:

1. You have the weigh your food. Lets be realistic, who has time for that?? No-one. And who the hell wants to spend their Sunday evening meal prepping? I don’t. I want to spend it with my family, not dicking about separating a weeks worth of food into Tupperware containers.

2. Cooking from his recipes is bloody expensive! Articles have reported that people have been spending an extra £100 a month on their usual food shop just so they can adhere to the plan. One lady was said to have spent over £600 on food alone! That’s effing crazy! Do you really need apple cider vinegar and coconut oil? No.

3. The training itself. Starting with HIIT?! How can an overweight person start smashing out high intensity bodyweight exercises when just walking up the stairs is tough? Come on! It’s not the best starting point. Thing’s need to scaled down (or up) as appropriate. You’ll know from my previous posts how important weight training is for body transformation. But the weight training on this program is saved for last. And you’re expected to perform these exercises without really knowing how! There’s nobody there to check your form and to make sure you’re not at risk of injury! It also recommends that you train everyday. EVERYDAY? No thanks. Besides, who’s going to spend money on weights for home use? Do you know how expensive they are? A box of 2kg dumbbells is what most people end up with, and guess what? That’s pointless. You’re better off with a tin of beans. It’s cheaper. Unless you have a really  good home gym, you cannot lift enough weight to make a real change.

4. It’s supposed to be personalised. But how can you personalise something for someone you’ve never met? How you can you make a plan for someone who hasn’t told you their specific goals?

5. Where’s the support and incentive? You’re pretty much going it alone. Yes you can contact a support person, but that person isn’t there face to face, they’re not in the gym with you, they’re not going to personally look at your food diary and suggest how to make things work better. And I can guarantee that when you tell them you haven’t lost any weight after week 4 they’re not going to sit down with you and work out why. Those guys on the TV? Of course they lost weight, they’re on the TV! Imagine being the only one who didn’t follow the plan and have the whole country see that. Without that incentive, without someone there to push you, it’s the same as any other plan. It doesn’t work. 

6. The “diet” itself has huge flaws. It seems to be a low fat, high carb, low calorie approach, which is not sustainable, and not good for your health! 

7. What happens after? You’re left to fend for yourself to probably re-gain any weight you did manage to lose after spending all that money. Did you learn anything? Did your mindset shift? Did you enter a maintenance phase? Nope.

Do you really want to pay £147 a month to someone you’ve never, and will probably never, meet??

Don’t fall into the trap that this TV series is pushing.

Try something REAL.

Click here.​​


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