Looking To Lose Weight? Not sure whats the best thing to do?

Looking To Lose Weight?

Problem is theres so many crap fads about that promise the earth only to under deliver, or deliver in an unhealthy or unsustainable way, some are downright dangerous too! So whats best to Lose Weight?

Lose Weight

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Well for me the simplest fastest way to lose weight, that always works for me and my clients is lower carbohydrates and increased good fats and proteins. Its simple but it works because its how its meant to be!

The single easiest way to lose weight is to control calories and Carbohydrates. In a lot of instances you could keep the same calories and just switch carbs to fats and proteins and see good changes.

So how do you go about doing that?

Well you can go 0 - 100 % and cut it all out and make switches for double helpings of vega nd salad, add some nuts for good fats and off you go! Or….

You can do it the clever way and slowly over write old habits one meal at a time.

Start with breakfast - No cereals and oats, switch to eggs or something else fats and proteins based (just keep the portions good and therefore calories down)

This will stabilise you blood sugar better and start showing you body fat is a good fuel source! then its easier to lose weight!

Extend that after a week to pre lunch snacks, switch to a small amount of nuts and steer clear of high GI fruits that will spike blood sugar. Again nuts are calorie dense so keep it reasonable.

From here you can switch lunch to something less carby - Ditch the bread and go for salads and lean meats!

Other good snacks through the day are low carb protein bars or shakes, nuts, small amounts of berries etc.

Once you’ve replaced everything but your evening meal your probably a few weeks in and a good few pounds lighter! Then start to work on that - Double up the veggies and drop rice and pasta out, Bread too.

Give it 6 months of this and you’ll be amazed at the progress and how easy it is to lose weight.

Finally you have the exercise element

To help with your weight loss the best type of training to do by far is weights - don’t be afraid ladies! It will make you strong, burn more calories at rest and put curves in all the right places.

Ideally 3 tough sessions a week will get you where you want to be and thats plenty!

Big moves like deadlifts, squats and presses are best.

And there you go - Thats it!

Obviously we specialise in this kind of thing and if you feel you need some help get in touch. We can send you a free cheat sheet, you can come and do a trial week on one of our plans or if your ready to move forward why not book a consultation?

Don’t worry we don’t bite and we don’t hard sell you. We will discuss your goals and where you are now, give you some free advice on how to get there alone and also explain how we can help. You can jump on board or go away happy with your free help. Win - Win, even in you don’t need or want our help we have a happy camper who will tell other people abut what we do!

So what are you waiting for?

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