Looking For A Personal Trainer in Leicester? Nutricoachdiet can help.

Looking For A Personal Trainer in Leicester?

Problem is theres so many Personal Trainers, how do you chose who will suit you and your goals?

Don't decide right now - And don't feel you need to choose us - We will help you first!

Book Your Free Breaking The Barrier Session Now And Start Progressing

We are giving away a free "breaking the barrier" session to anyone in Leicester

We will identify your biggest barrier to achieving your goals and help you put a strategy in place to overcome it - Free!

At the end of the session your free to go, no hard sell, we are just here to help!

Personal Trainer In Leicester

Obviously we offer Personal Trainer Services and if you want to enquire you can. But equally not everyone fits well with everyone else. We have an ideal client, you have an ideal trainer. If we don't fit you, we probably know someone who will, and can direct you to them. Ready to rock and knowing already how to overcome your biggest barrier - How great is that!?

So whats the Breaking the barrier session?

We ask you some questions about you lifestyle, work and family life. Then about what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it.

We listen you your answers fully to understand where your coming from and can easily identify your biggest barrier.

It may be time, commitment, motivation, injury, age, emotional eating, anything really, we will help you find it! (it may not be what you first think)

We will then talk to you about strategies to put in place to overcome this barrier. Heres where we can really help as we've coached 100's of likeminded people over theirs so know what works and what doesn't!

After we are sure you understand the strategies and how to overcome the barrier you can get on and implement.

If you want to look into our personal training services great! If not a good fit we can point you in the direction of a personal trainer that we think will suit you and your goals.

Book Your Free Breaking The Barrier Session Now And Start Progressing