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The Power of Protein – Personal Trainer Advice

The Power of Protein - Persona Trainer Advice

What do you have for breakfast in the mornings? If you’re a toast and jam kind of person, you may start feeling hungry long before lunch. But if you’re keen on scrambled eggs, you may realise you feel fuller for much longer – even if you don’t have any toast to go with them.

Much has been made of carbs recently and whether they’re good or bad for us. Everything should be taken in moderation, of course. An excess of carbs could actually make you feel more sluggish and tired during the day, though, instead of giving you essential energy. We’ve all got used to fat being demonised, but it looks as though more and more people are now waking up to the fact it’s sugar that’s the real enemy, not fat.

So where does that leave protein?

We don’t hear as much about protein as we do about the other building blocks of our diet mentioned above. Yet protein has a very powerful role to play. It provides us with energy and it has the power to make us feel fuller too. It provides a more consistent energy release, instead of the typical high followed by a slump that is seen when we eat processed carbs such as white bread.

That’s why breakfasts high in protein, such as scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, for example, are ideal if you want a long-lasting hit of energy that doesn’t send you into a slump afterwards. Incorporating more protein-heavy meals into your diet and cutting back on carbs might also help you feel healthier and improve your energy levels.

These are all things a nutrition coach can help you with. If you want to know more about the power of protein, why not speak to one of our coaches today?

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