Are You A Parent Looking For A Personal Trainer In Oadby?

Are You A Parent Looking For A Personal Trainer In Oadby?

Personal Trainer In Oadby

Are You A Parent Looking For A Personal Trainer In Oadby?

Look no further!

Nutricoachdiet are the premier Personal Trainer in Oadby, Leicester. We specialise in transforming local parents from frustrated, stuck and low in confidence into kick ass, toned, legends that are succeeding in life! (did I over do that? haha)

Jokes aside we specialise in helping parents in Leicester, particularly mums.

The problem with most personal trainers and health professionals is that they try and be everything to everyone. They know how to help everyone a bit but can never fully understand the mentality and mindset of every client! This is why we chose to work more specifically.

This helps us completely understand peoples struggles and how to motivate the. We understand how to coach the mindset of an overweight middle-aged lady form Oadby, Leicester to help her get where she so desperately wants to be! We don’t want a teenage lad looking to become a cover model as it would detract from the services we offer to our ideal client!

So - If your looking for a Personal Trainer In Oadby, check out our website here!

We often find particularly ladies get on better in groups as they are more sociable than men. They therefore thrive in like minded groups of individuals.

This is why we formulated our body transformation program where you can train with a group of like minded individuals all working toward the same goals! though you can still work with us one to one if you’d like 🙂

All for a nation of the price of a PT, as little as £24 a week!)

In this we:

Create a social group - We do lots of social events to help the ladies gel and become friends

Have a private support group - For all things you want to chat about, motivation, social events and more.

Provide easy to follow nutrition guidelines - To make sure its easy to succeed

Set easily reachable series of goals to guide you to success

Provide great workouts that guarantee results

Work on mindset and the real reasons you haven't stuck to your plans in the past!

We do all this and so much more so for more info and to register interest check out out transformation page here.

What I would say is if you already have a Personal trainer or are looking to get a personal trainer in Oadby then I would strongly recommend you ask what they specialise in and who they specialise in working with. Then ask is this me!? If the answer is no don’t use them!

Once more we specialise in Body Transformations and Personal Training In Oadby. Specifically for parents, mums and other frustrated locals looking for an answer to their weight loss efforts.

For more information or to book a free consultations just click below!

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