Redefining the Alpha Female - Do We Aspire To Be An Alpha?

Redefining the Alpha Female

Redefining the Alpha Female

Alpha Female

The concepts of alpha male and female have been around forever, and whilst the alpha male has grown into something that is idolised, and aspired towards. Alpha female on the other hand has stagnated, and if anything, devolved into something nobody wants to be around, let alone become.

The alpha male is strong, loyal, noble. He gets stuff done but remains humble and empathetic. He embodies all that is good and all that we strive towards. Lean, athletic body and an intelligent mind. When you ask someone if they want to be an alpha male, the answer is nearly always "hell yes!".

Alpha Man

But it's a different story for the alpha female. Ask a woman if she wants to be the alpha female and all too often the answer is a resounding "no!". Why? Because the alpha female is seen as a bitch in a business suit who's sharp tongue and loose morals have gotten her whatever, and wherever she wants. For the majority of women, this is not something to aspire to.

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We cannot deny that men and women are different; physiologically, biologically, psychologically, but our concepts of the alpha should be exactly the same. Women too, should strive to be strong, loyal, noble. To get stuff done whilst remaining humble and empathetic. And to have a body they can be proud of.

There should be no gender differences when it comes to being the best that you can be.

Perhaps if we can remove those negative connotations from the concept of the alpha female, we can build a new breed of females.

Working in the sports and fitness industry we see it everyday; women who have become unfit, overweight, and desperately unhappy with themselves. They are unconfident and get caught in a spiral of self-deprecation and fear, and as a result they feel stuck and unable to change. Unable to evolve. The most notable statistic?


90+% of women who find themselves stuck in this cycle have all done something amazing; they have brought life into this world, yet they find themselves in an endless spiral of unhappiness.

Even those who do take the first step and start training nearly always put limits on themselves. If I had a £ for every time I heard a woman say "I can't" when it came to lifting a weight or performing a push up, I wouldn't have to work anymore.

So Whats The Answer?

If we can teach more women to have faith in themselves, we could stop the "I can't", the downward spirals, and the yo-yo diets and all the other crap that women subject themselves too. You have a duty as the leader of the pack to be the best that you can be, not only for yourself and your partner, but for your children. Lead your children to an Alpha mindset and help them avoid limiting self-beliefs. Your children are a reflection of self. Be the best that you can be, so that they can too.

This isn't about feminism or some bullcrap like that. Men and women are both equal in their greatness, and different in their capabilities. This is about bringing the concepts of the alpha male and female in line with each other so that we can all be the best humans we possibly can, irrespective of gender or background.

You're not born an alpha, you work towards becoming one. Any female reading this now I urge you to rise up and make a change. Stop the yo-yo diets, stop the fad workouts, stop the limiting self beliefs and take action.

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Break the cycle.

Be the new breed.

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