Women's Personal Training - The Missing Secret To Success

Success In Women’s Personal Training!

women's personal training

How Do We Guarantee Success With Our Women's Personal Training?

Social Support Is the two word answer! I will explain why…

Everyone needs support, especially social support, wether it be your new clothes or hair. Or anything else for that matter. Especially when it comes to Women’s Personal Training!

Ladies are particularly sensitive to social support and social pressure. I wont get into who's fault this is, it is what it is! So when it comes to eating well and exercising it can be tough with no support!

Anyway we find those who score highly in social support questionnaire also do well on our plans, those who don’t find it more difficult.

So what the Answer?

We create your social support for you! Thats your answer!

We have groups of like minded ladies for you to socialise with on social media, meet up for social events and interact with in our groups. This is why we specialise in women's personal training and body transformations. Because we’re social too and we love to help like minded people. Its better for us, better for you and everyone gets better results. We cant be everything to everyone so we decided we like to work mostly with ladies, particularly mums who deserve to feel better about themselves for all their hard work.

Social support although the key, isn't the be all and end all, with success in your nutrition and exercise. We cover every base with mindset work, motivation and competition with your peers (if you want to get involved)

Our next planed trip is a visit to the escape rooms in Leicester for a team event, we’re really looking forward to that! My team will clearly win over the other group as I rule!

So what can you do to leverage better social support when you have none?

The obvious answer is join us! But if you cant make it I’d advise you find a really good Women’s Personal Trainer, definitely get one who specialises! Then have a serious chat to friends and family about what you want to achieve and how you need their support. As in don’t eat that infant of me and don’t offer me anything… Ever! haha.

You’d be surprised how far a little bit of help can go!

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