Sugar Symptoms! 8 Signs You're Going Overboard.

Sugar Symptoms! 8 Signs You’re Going Overboard.

Sugar Symptoms! 8 Signs You’re Going Overboard.


Sugar is nice. No point in lying. It’s sweet, it’s tasty and it gives you a rush. It’s hidden in practically everything mass produced because it’s a simple way of making things taste good. Especially those food claiming to be low fat. But despite it being yummy and readily available, it’s not so great for your body. Especially in the quantities we tend to consume it in.

But how do you know you’re overdoing it? It’s not like the tooth fairy is going pop up, kick you in the ass and tell you you’re eating too much sugar. We need to look a little deeper – we need to look at the symptoms.

1. Cravings.

The more you eat, the more you want. Greedy bastard. I won’t go into the argument about addiction, because I don’t believe in it, but I will say this; human beings like pleasure. Sugar gives you pleasure, so the natural response is to want more and more. With time, your body adjusts, and it takes more to get the same kick, so you begin to crave it. Hormones can play a part here too, especially in ladies.

2. You’re tired AF.

Blood sugar can go up, and it can come down. Sugar creates a spike, which will eventually dip, creating tiredness and fatigue. That 3pm raid on the biscuit tin isn’t helping, it’s making matters worse. Instead we should aim to keep our blood sugar fairly even throughout the day.

3. You look like a teenager.

That thing I mentioned about hormones? Yeah, that’s why your face looks like a pizza again. No you’re not regressing back into your teenage years, it’s just the sugar messing with your skin. Flush that shit out with plenty of water and veggies.

4. You’re a moody bastard.

Continual blood sugar spiking and crashing can affect your mood hugely, with the swings corresponding to the high and lows. Being tired sucks at the best of times, so feeling it daily is bound to take it’s toll. You’re don’t think you’re moody? Ask the people you live or work with. Just don’t bite their head off when they give you an answer you don’t like.

5. You’re fat.

Too much sugar = too many calories = weight gain. Fairly simple. Because it’s tasty, it’s so easy to overeat sugar laden foods too. If we look a little deeper into the science, too much sugar can also make us Insulin Resistant, which means we can’t process sugar in an efficient way i.e for energy and recovery. Add in the overload on your pancreas and we have a recipe for type 2 diabetes.

6. Toothache.

Sugar can impact the pH of our saliva and mess up the ecosystem in our mouths. This gives bacteria a lovely new breeding ground, leading to all kinds of dentistry nightmares. I don’t know about you, but I like having teeth free of holes.

7. Brain Fog.

The most common symptom of excess sugar is brain fog. You know that feeling of not really knowing what the eff is going on? Yeah that one. Failing to control blood sugar can cause cognitive issues and impairment, making is seriously hard to get stuff done.

8. Sweet? What’s that?!

Too much sugar ruins your tastebuds, to the point where things that are overly sweet, no longer taste the same. This means you need even more sugar to find that sweetness you’ve become so fond of. Don’t despair though, when you cut back your tastebuds will take on a new lease of life, and you’ll probably find the 4 sugars you used to have in your tea is actually pretty disgusting. It becomes easier to moderate your sugar intake when you can actually taste it, plus you’ll start enjoying that cheeky little dessert with it being enough to satisfy you.

So that’s it! Do a quick count up and see how many of these symptoms you’re experiencing. A lot? Time to make a change.

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