Surviving The Festive Season - Our Best Holiday Hacks!

Surviving The Festive Season – Our Best Holiday Hacks!

Surviving The Festive Season – Our Best Holiday Hacks!


Festive Kettlebells


It’s the First of December! Which means you’re about to be overcome with invites to parties and family gatherings. There’s the Christmas shopping to do and activities for the kids to plan, all of which makes it very difficult to find time to get your training sessions in.

Then there’s the food and drink.

The mince pies, booze, chocolates, buffet food, Christmas treats.

It’s endless.

And always in constant supply. In doesn’t seem to matter where you go, there’s always an abundance of food.

You can see how easy it is to gain weight.

So as our gift to you, we’re supplying you with this Festive Season Survival Guide.

You’ll find a series of hints and tips to help you hack the Christmas chaos and avoid the weight gain, whilst making the most of the festivities.

Because that’s what we’re about at Nutricoachdiet; make health and fitness work in the real world. Hit us up for a free trial and find out for yourself.

Merry Christmas!

Festive Tip 1:

Eat Slowly and until satisfied – not stuffed!

It takes 15-20 min for your digestive system to let your brain know that you’re satisfied. Slowing down a meal allows that to happen before you overeat. It means you’ll savour your food and feel content, rather than wolfing it down and demolishing 1000 calories in one sitting!

Festive Tip 2:

Include a daily activity.

If your a member of Nutricoachdiet, that means sparing 3 hours a week to train! If you’re not (you should be!) then make an effort every day to be active in some way. Walk instead of drive, take the stairs, get up and perform a few squats or press ups. Your own bodyweight can provide you with a great workout. It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated, and you can do it in 15 minutes.

Try this:

Squats x 15

Press ups x 15

Burpees x 15

1 Minute plank

Repeat x 5

For those fitter ladies, turn them into plyometrics, or make use of intervals to change things up and make it more difficult. Want a real plan? Sign up for a free trial with us and start your targeted training today! Book a Free Trial Here.

Festive Tip 3:

Incorporate our travel tips!

  1. Eat before you go. Simple! Eat a good meal, which meets your requires for compliance and then head out. You’re less likely to binge on junk if you’ve already eaten.
  2. Prepare something to take with you. Knock up a salad, or some veggies and meat, throw it in a Tupperware container and voila, easy meal.
  3. Take healthy snacks. Stuff your bag with nuts, protein bars, fruits, mini cheese’s. Easy!
  4. Be smart about your choices. Your only option is a fast food place? Okay, grab a salad, hell even a beef burger isn’t that bad. Just don’t over do on the fries and fizzy pop!
  5. Eating out? Take your time to assess the options. You already know what would be better for you, so don’t eat junk for the sake of it. Often restaurants will cook things to your preference anyway! YOU CAN eat out, you just need to be smart and not use the “fuck it” mentality. Treat it like any other meal. You wouldn’t have a meal at home followed by a large chocolate brownie, 4 glasses of wine and a liquor coffee, so theres no need to do it when you go out. Enjoy yourself, but don’t over do it.

Festive Tip 4:

Keep things normal!

There’s no need to eat everything in sight. You wouldn’t normally do it, so why do it now? Psychology it seems acceptable because its the holidays, but really, that’s just an excuse. You don’t NEED to eat 12 mince pies. You probably don’t even want to – you’re just taking advantage of the time of the year. Instead, don’t deprive yourself – have a bit of what you fancy, but leave it at that. You CAN enjoy a mince pie without going overboard. It’s just a matter of having the right mindset.

You’re not deprived, so keep it balanced!

Festive Tip 5:

Don’t let yourself go hungry!

Most people starve themselves all day in anticipation of a meal out. DON’T! Your setting yourself up for a huge binge.

Eat as you would normally – make sure you’re getting plenty of protein and vegetables. You could even make use of green shakes. Simply throw your greens and protein powder in a blender with a few berries, add a few seeds, whizz it up and you have a nutritious meal. And most importantly, it’s quick, and will fill you up enough to avoid the junk binge.

Festive Tip 6:

Enjoy Yourself!

That’s it! Try these tips, have fun and enjoy the festive season.

If you want more real world strategies to hack your fat loss and fitness, then sign up to a free trial week with Nutricoachdiet.

Simply follow the link below and fill in an application.

Happy Holidays!



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