T-Break Transformation Podcast: Ep18! Why You Should Get Off The Fence.

T-Break Transformation Podcast: Episode 18! Why You Should Get Off The Fence.

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T-Break Transformation Podcast:

Episode 18!

Why You Should Get Off The Fence.


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Episode 18!

In this episode I discuss the implications of sitting on the fence, in any situation. I also explain how to get off the fence and make a decision.

It’s all in the episode, so sit back, grab your tea (or coffee if your a caffeine monster like me) and give it a listen. Scroll down to listen on iTunes or Soundcloud and to read the show notes. Make sure you grab a pen and paper!


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Introduction – 0:19

Today’s Topic’s: Why You Should Get Off The Fence – 0:45

What Is Sitting On The Fence?? – 1:05

What Are The Implications? – 1:55

What You Can Do About It – 4:27

Call To Action – 7:23

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