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Teatoxing is Poo – Literally


Teatoxing is Poo – Literally

It seems that everyday my social media feeds are bombarded with adverts for fancy “teatox” weight loss solutions. They seem to be the latest dieting fad and I find it infuriating that companies think it’s acceptable to sell laxatives in the form of a healthy drink… Teatoxing is Poo – Literally 

These teas claim to facilitate weight loss without any exercise or nutritional changes, which immediately brings up a few red flags…

You need to burn through 3500 calories to lose 1lb of fat… So how is this possible without increasing your activity level? It isn’t. 

I wanted to see what exactly these “magical” teas do to a person, so I used myself a guinea pig and tried some…

Guess what happened? I spent the week with chronic stomach problems. I couldn’t get off of the toilet. I felt like I was dying. 

Did I lose weight? Yes, because my body expelled everything that was inside it. I thought at one point I’d lost a kidney 😮 but none of it was weight from fat.

I was dehydrated, and depleted of nutrients. I felt terrible. 

This is NOT how you lose weight safely, so do yourself a favour, avoid the “teatox” and do something that works.

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Celeste Currie

Nutricoachdiet Co-Founder 



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