The Gym Sucks - The Nutricoachdiet Team Tell You Why!

The Gym Sucks

The gym sucks!

Yes, that right, me, a fitness professional just said that the GYM sucks. 

Let me explain….

Okay, so the gym ITSELF doesn’t suck, but what happens when most people get there, does. 

You see, people join the gym with the best of intentions, thinking they’re doing the right thing in order the lose weight and get fit. We applaud you for making the decision to start, because that’s the beginning. But then what? You turn up, jump on a cardio machine for an hour, glance at the free weights section with fear and trepidation, and then go home. Does this sound familiar? It should, because this is the case for many gym goers, especially women. 

You can have the best intentions in the world, but without knowledge, direction and a long term plan, you’ll spin your wheels (literally if you’re on the stationary bike!). Paying a monthly gym fee and getting no results is madness. And will eventually lead to quitting all together.  

So what’s the alternative? 

Work with a trainer. Find someone knowledgeable, who can give you a solid plan and the motivation to get stuff done. Better yet, find a fitness professional with nutrition qualifications so that you can really get the most for your time and money.

So where do you find that? Right here of course…

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Celeste Currie

Nutricoachdiet Co-Founder 


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