My Thoughts On Joe Wicks - The Body Coach - Is It Really That Great?

My Thoughts On Joe Wicks – The Body Coach!

My Thoughts On The Body Coach!

So first up I think its great what he’s doing and the nutrition really works

I’m not 100% sold on the workout side but its a great concept

The problem lies in that most people I see using his stuff need more!

They need support, they need accountability! If they could do it alone they likely would have done by now!

This isn't intended to infuriate anyone doing it. I really hope you get long lasting results and some will.

But theres a good chunk who I don’t think will!

I’ve seen a few of our old clients, friends and parents I know sharing his stuff on Facebook (Great marketing!) But the problem is they cycle from one thing to the other, try it for a couple months. Slack off, put on, find the next thing.

Problem is a lot of these people cant do it alone! The info and plans have been out there for a long time, they've done similar stuff before and got results before putting it back on when they return to old habits whats the difference now?

Again to those who smash their results and keep it up good on them.

If your one of those other people (me included) You need someone to steer you back on track when you lose the way.

You need social support from a friendly group of peers who can motivate and understand your problems

You need someone to call you out if you don’t show!

You need someone to help you with strategies and mindset to help you overcome the want to smash a full tub of ice cream followed by a bottle of wine!

You need someone to ask why you posted that wonderful pic of your meal and books, but the rest of the week you’ve eaten poop but not mentioned it!

If like me and most others you need that support then….

Take us up on a free consultation, I will personally sit with you for a free session where we will find out what your biggest barrier is and put a strategy in place to overcome it!

No alterior motive, no selling, all I will do is give you a handout of what we offer in our programs but the purpose of the consultation will be to help you get closer to achieving your goals.

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