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Too Old – Mindset and Focus

The I’m Too Old Mindset!

Things get harder as we get older

We all know this to be fact, right?

Or are we accidentally sabotaging ourselves with a little white lie?

Because that little white lie stops us from seeing the truth, and the truth hurts.

Some things will get harder with age, but most of the time, things being hard has very little to do with age, and more to do with...


Not very sexy I know, but it's true!

It might be laziness, but often it's more deep rooted than that, so don’t worry, it's not your fault. 

No need to be offended… Yet!

As we get older we become more and more inactive, which means we gradually become less flexible, weaker, unfit and less able to perform day to day tasks.

We recover slower, we're more tired day to day, and combined with other people's negativity, the media etc, we begin to feel like we are too old to do stuff!

This is where the mindset kicks in!

People often then tell themselves things like:

"I ache more now I'm older…"

"This is more tiring than it was ten years ago…"

And my favourite; “I’m too old of this shit.” Haha!

It's just the suff we hear elsewhere, repeated to ourselves, attacking our mindset. Before long we begin to believe the lie

My Mum is a great Example - She's Pushing 60 Now!

She was in a bad accident 3 years ago while travelling. She fractured 6 vertebrae and 3 ribs. Prior to this, around 4/5 years ago, she was overweight, had high blood pressure, controlled by tablets, and wasn't in great shape! (Sorry Mum!)

Anyway, rather than let an accident define her, after weeks in hospital and months in a brace, she started to increase her activity.

While most people would have wallowed in self pity until they declined further into an early death, she decided to do whatever she could manage.

Regardless of age or ability.

She had just started our Transformation sessions prior to the accident and got back to them when she could.

At first, not managing much at all but slowly building it up.

It wasn't until she did one of my kickboxing classes months later she realised she was actually fitter than some of the teens we have! It even shocked me!

Anyway, other than accident related pains, she is in better shape now than decades ago! 
She recovers well from training 3 times a week, hardly ever says I can't, I'm too old or any of that nonsense, and generally carries on like a teen (Probably as stroppy and rude as a teen too! haha).

She's employed by myself to do many things, including: cleaning, flyering thousands of houses a month. She covers well over 15k steps a day while working for me.

Oh and she’s avoided having to have any more blood pressure tablets!

It makes me laugh when people say “I cant believe your making your mum do that!”

My response, often met by horror, is “she should thank me for keeping her fit!” (She doesn’t thank me, it's a thankless job!)

Your can check out a short video of her talking her results here:

Long story short, genetic ageing is far less of a reason for the aching and tiredness than you might think.

Sort your mindset, sort your inactivity, and all will get better.

So next time you try to attack your own mind by saying anything about your age, stop! 

It’s time to get more active!

Anyway, before I get the barrage of people whinging that they have age related arthritis and other ailments, make sure you follow us so that you can check out the next blog on FOCUS! 

Looking at what you CAN do and not what you Can't!

We have quite a few ladies with pretty bad injuries that all focus on what they can do in order to get results. We alter their plans, prove alternatives, and they get on with life, whinge free and in better shape! 😉

If you want to increase your activity and start on the road to a healthier, more confident and generally more awesome you, then follow the link below to find out more about our Transformation program. 

We’ll be Transforming more than just your body!

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