Imagine what it would be like to be able to lose weight and get the body and health you’ve always wanted, without ever having to go on another diet…

My name is Celeste and I would like to welcome you to this special weight loss masterclass.

I’m going to be showing you it really is possible to lose weight without dieting and I’m also going to be revealing 3 weight loss secrets that the fitness industry doesn’t want you to know. 

I hope that in doing this, we can re-shape the world of health and fitness and help you finally get the results you deserve.

For most of you, this probably isn’t your first foray into the world of weight loss. If you’re anything like the women I coach you’ve probably tried multiple times to lose weight. You might even feel like you’re always on a diet.

The fact that your here now, tells me that you’ve probably failed. But that is not your fault.

As women we’re constantly bombarded within conflicting information about how to lose weight and get fit, so much so that it becomes impossible to actually succeed. And for those that do, it’s often short lived and you soon find yourself back to square one. Usually having gained more weight than when you started. 

I’m here to tell you that it’s okay. It is not your fault. I’ve been there myself, and so have all my ladies.

You’ve probably reached a point of desperation, resorting to quick fix fad diets to see results. But then you just end up stuck in a never ending dieting cycle.

You might even be questioning if it’s even possible to lose weight? Maybe your body just isn’t supposed to be the way you want it. Maybe you’re meant to feel fat and miserable.

But that’s not true. It is possible and I’m going to show you how... 

I want to put your fears at rest and help you understand why your past efforts haven’t worked, and then show you exactly what’s possible when the right person gives you the right coaching. 

You see I’m on a mission to prove that much of what the fitness industry is selling is bullshit. 

And in some cases even detrimental to your health and long term success. 

As a billion dollar industry its in their best interest for you to stay fat and unhappy, because that way they can keep selling you the latest fad. It’s in their best interest to make you fail.

But I don’t want that. I want you to succeed. And I don’t want to see you fall victim to another fad diet or short term scam.

It’s actually in my best interests to see you succeed.

Because I want every woman to be able to live the life she dreams of and to look and feel her best.

So that’s what we’re all about a Nutricoachdiet - changing the face of the fitness industry and ushering a new era of health and wellness. 

And you being here is helping that happen.

So my goal today is for you to get a ton of value out of this session. 

I want to show you that you don’t need to resort to stereotypical methods of weight loss to get what you want.

I want you to go away today with a new outlook on how weight actually works and be able to pass this on to others in an effort to create an army healthy, happy women.

I’m going to be letting you in on 3 weight loss secrets to help you break the cycle, and then I’ll giving 10 women a huge opportunity.

So if your goal is to lose weight, get fit and improve your health, this is for you. 

Imagine what it's going to feel like to leave here knowing you have the secrets to sustainable weight loss. Knowing you don’t need to do another fad diet EVER again.  

That you don’t need to fear food, deprive yourself or go to extreme lengths to get where you want to be.

Amazing right?

So who am I and what qualifies me to share this with you?

Some of you may already know me, perhaps maybe even been involved in one of our programs or challenges, but for those that don’t, my name is Celeste.

I’m the co-founder of Nutricoachdiet, an advanced trainer, Precision Nutrition coach, kickboxing instructor and ex golf pro, so it’s fair to say I know a bit about getting results.

My interest in weight loss started around 14 years ago, way back when I was playing golf. 

I was plagued with injuries and struggling with my body image. I’d been quite overweight and still struggled with getting to a place where I felt comfortable. I wanted to look, feel and perform better so I started testing out different diets and trying all kinds of training methods.

You name it, I’ve probably done it. 

At one point I’d shrunk down to a uk 6 and was training twice a day whilst eating chronically low carbs in an effort to get the body I thought I needed. But even then I wasn’t happy with myself and I definitely wasn’t enjoying the process. 

Overtime my knowledge grew and I eventually left golf to become a fitness professional. At that point my weight would fluctuate, but I could control it by training hard and going on a diet every few weeks. Needless to say I’d feel so restricted and miserable that it’d last around 2 weeks and then I’d fall off the wagon, eat everything in site and then feel guilty. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have, if you can’t take action on it, and that’s exactly what was happening to me. 

It wasn’t until I discovered the secrets I’m going to share with you today that I finally started to make real progress. 

What you see here is me. The picture on the top is my average shape, and the one below is 10 weeks later, having implemented the secrets that I’m about to share with you. 


I lost 4kg, 12 inches, which at my size is around 7% of my bodyweight - no mean feat.

AND I even increased my deadlift to 110kg.

I’d gotten small and stronger.

The same can be said for all of my ladies. We’ll look at them in a little while, but first lets get cracking on these secrets.

We’ll be going through:

1.Why calorie counting doesn’t work and what to do instead.

2. Why fad diets fail and the damage they cause.

3. The one habit method - the single most powerful weight loss method.

So let’s start with number 1.

This is perhaps the biggest dieting myth of all:

You have to count calories to lose weight.

You don’t. 

Yes, you need to be a calorie deficit, meaning you consume less than you burn, but that doesn’t mean you have to count every gram of food you eat.

We’ve all been there right?

Obsessively weighing food, entering it into myfitnesspal, trying to match macros, reading packets, freaking out at the thought of eating something cooked by someone else.

It's a bloody nightmare, and it can lead to disordered eating. 

I personally last about 2 weeks trying to count calories before I fall off the wagon and eat everything in site. 

And I know its the same for most people. 

Back and forth, yo-yoing. 

If you don’t manage to stick it out and see some results, as soon as you stop, you end up putting the weight back on.

Because you haven’t addressed the real issues you have with food.

You havent learnt anything. You haven’t changed your habits, and you certainly haven’t changed your mindset - which are the two keys to successful weight loss.

So let’s break down the big issues:

Firstly, Calorie counting is impossible to get right.

The numbers on packaging have an accuracy tolerance of 20%, so if you think you’re eating 100 calories, chances are your eating anywhere from 80-120. Add that up over a day and you see how it all goes horribly wrong?

The second issue is with absorption - we all absorb food differently so its impossible to know how many of those 100 calories will actually be absorbed. I wont bore you with the science and formulas, but there’s an average of 10% error room here. 

Third issue - food preparation! The way you prep and cook your food alters its nutrient profile, so what you read on the package, isn’t what’s on your plate. 90% error here, which is crazy.

Forth issue - you! Human error - what you think is 200g of whatever, probably isn’t! And let’s be honest, who weighs EVERYTHING ? I’m a type A, obsessive personality and even I wouldn’t be caught weighing every single piece of food. 

You see how this goes? Counting calories is not only subject to huge errors, its also impractical, boring and not a fun way of living. It saps the enjoyment out of food - we’re supposed to enjoy food, and feel good when we eat, not obsess and become fearful.

But if this doesn’t work and we know we need to create a negative energy balance to lose weight, what should we do instead?

We can use the hand method.

Your very own portion controller.

It’s portable.

Readily available.

And customised to you. 

We have a palm of protein, a fist of veg, a thumb of fats and cupped handful or carbs.

The amounts of each, of course, relative to your goals, size and activity level but this gives you a great starting point.

For each meal you eat, try 1 palm of protein, 1 thumb of fats, 1-2 fists of veg and 1 cupped handful of carbs - this is variable remember, but for now, lets keep it simple.

You see, we used to count calories, and have clients log food journals based on macros and set grams but it never worked - they could never stick to it. And how could I expect them to do that when I couldn’t do it myself?

So we evolved, we moved away from that because when you break it down, counting calories is just another form of fat dieting.

And getting away from that is the key to long term success.  

Take Marie-Anne for example. She lost 17kg working with us. And there’s Debbie, she lost over 7kg. Two women, two different starting points, but both having tried and failed at various diets over the years. Weight watchers, slimming world, they all fail to address to real reasons why people are over weight.

We don’t. 

Now I know you’re probably thinking, great, but I’m different to them. How can that work for me? How can something so simple work for me when the complicated stuff failed?

Because this is you.

And thats you on the top left. And in the bottom right.

They’re all you.

These are potatoes, all different types, each one with its own characteristics, but when we strip it all back, they’re all fundamentally the same. They’re all potatoes.

In the same way that you, me, Marie-Anne, Debbie and any other woman I work with are all fundamentally human women.

Sure, we all need a level of personalisation because we all have own quirks but at the core of it, the basics are the same for all of us, and they’ll remain that way until you have them mastered. 

And as I’ve already explained, its impossible to master something as complex and variable as calorie counting, so ditch it. You’ll be a thousand times for successful without it.

The same goes for fad diets. Secret number 2.

Fad diets don’t work and they are nothing more than a tool used by the fitness industry to exploit you. 

So let’s get some interaction going, list a few fad diets you’ve tried...

Atkins...cabbage soup...maple syrup...juicing...detox...

But the issue is, these diets can cause long term damage to your metablism, meaning it gets harder and harder to lose weight. They can lead to obsession and disordered eating.

Poor health from lack of nutrients. 

Elevated stress levels.

Profound unhappiness.

All because of a stupid diet.

Why do we do it to ourselves ladies?

It’s madness. 

When we dont eat, we starve ourselves and all the things our bodies need to functions well and make us feel good - if you’re not functioning well, how can you expect to lose weight? 

You can’t. Your body is smarter than you - it wont do what you want it to do. It’ll do what its programmed to do in whatever situation its put in.

Treat it like crap, you’ll look and feel like crap.

Now I know some of you will have a story about your friend Sharon who lost 6 stones on the cabbage diet so obviously these diets work. Well yes, of course they do - if you cut calories, you lose weight. But lets look at Sharon now - how much weight did she put back on? All of it? All of it and then some?

I’d put money on it.

Because when it comes to fad diets, there’s on key issues:


You cannot sustain a fad diet long term, which means you cannot sustain your results long term. 

We’ve all been. Start the diet, last a week, feel guilty, so we start again with something else, all the while believing that this time its going to be the one, this time we’ll stick to it and get what we want. 

But it never happens.

It can’t happen.

At least not like that.

Take my mum for example. She did the slimfast diet after having me, and she lost weight, but she put it all on after having my sister and then tried again. Multiple times with various diets. She joined a gym, went to weight watchers, gave slimmest another go, but nothing worked so she ended up stuck, believing that it was her age and the aftermath of having kids that kept her overweight.

Fast forward 2 decades (yes thats how long she’d been trying to lose weight) she joined us and lost 7lbs in her first week and then went on to keep losing, and maintaining the loss in between.

At last check in she’d dropped another 21 inches. All whilst battle injury and age related issues such as the menopause and arthritis.

It’s so simple, and if you take just one thing away from today, its that fad dieting is not the answer. 

I’ll be honest, I know my mum and how resistant to change she is, so for her to do so well and to keep going, is a testament to power of good coaching and strong methodology.

Besides, anything is better than drinking those awful weight loss teas that give you the shits. 

Been there done that! Never again.

So if we dont count calories, or engage in fads, what do we do?

We utilise something called the one habit method.

This is secret 3, and in my opinion, the only weight loss method you’ll ever need.

So what is it?

It’s focusing on one thing at a time and changing your habits, one by one, for a complete lifestyle overhaul, leading to healthy, sustainable change.

Simple right?

You see its proven that multi taking is actually detrimental to success and prevents Change.

And change is the only way to lose weight and keep it off.

Consistent daily work on one simple habit leads to huge results long term. 

Imagine getting 1% better every day for a year? Thats 365% better. Its beyond a total transformation.

You’d be a new woman - you’d be the best version of yourself without having to go to extremes of drive yourself crazy trying to be perfect.

That’s why the one habit method is so powerful - it allows for failure, for the ups and downs of day to day life.

It creates growth and build awareness.

It’s so simple.

And it’s a process that you can enjoy because you’ll get so much more than just weight loss. Yes you’ll change physically, but you’ll also change psychologically, which is where traditional dieting fails. 

With the one habit method, you do one thing at a time, you enjoy the process and you celebrate the wins. You’ll enjoy life and you’ll enjoy getting better.

So to give you an idea, I’m going to show you a simple habit that you implement today. 



Because when we eat slowly we become mindful, and when we’re mindful, we make better choices. 

We also eat less, because its takes around 20 minutes for your brain to realise that your stomach is no longer empty, so if you shovel it in as fast a possible you really pack away the calories before you even realise you’re full. Whereas when you slow down, you eat less. You’ll also enjoy it more - you’ll taste food in a way you probably never have and when you taste food, as it should be, you’ll notice how bad processed food actually tastes, and how nice natural foods are in comparison. 

This makes meal times enjoyable, just the way they should be. Food is something to be savoured and that only happens if you eat slowly. Plus you’ll be gaining an element of control, which for someone who struggles with their weight, is often something you hold dear. 

Feeling in control is empowering, and empowerment leads to motivation.

Plus theres the added bonus of better digestion, which for people with stomach issues is a real game changer.

So all of this, just by eating slowly.

Try it for 2 weeks and see what happens.

You could end up like Cara.

She lost 12 kgs and gained a new outlook on life and weight loss by doing this.

You could be like any of these ladies.

They’ve all made amazing physical and mental progress. 

Some even took on the wolf run with me.

Can you imagine what it felt like them to conquer something as tough as that, and to love every minute of it?

When you commit to yourself and work through the one habit method, anything is possible.

Imagine what life would be like knowing you could do anything and you weren’t confined by your weight?

Having boundless energy and strength?

The ability to achieve me, to do more?

To feel good and to look good.

To be confident and to be happy knowing that you’ve made the best of yourself.

Knowing that you’ve invested in your number one asset - your health.

Its a life changing experience that goes beyond just losing weight.

What you get from the process is something so powerful you cant help but be amazed by it - by you.

I’ve been there. 

My ladies have been.

And now you can go there too.

Let me ask you a question…

If you did the three things we’ve discussed today, so you stopped counting calories, gave up fad dieting and adopted the one habit method, do you think you could be successful?



Perhaps its a bit much, a bit overwhelming? You know a little bit of what to do, but you’re not sure of the hows - the exact ins and outs of making this stuff work in day to day life. 

That’s where I come in.

Realistically, its impossible for me to cover everything in a masterclass.

So for those of you who want to move forwards and learn exactly how my ladies got such amazing results, i’ve put together something special for you.

If you’ve got a few more moments, I’d like to share this with you and see what we can do about helping you transform your own life…

So here's what I have for you:

The Elite Online Transformation.

6 months of nutrition coaching utilising the one habit method inside of precision nutrition pro coach software.

You’ll be covering everything from portion control to mindset. You’ll go to the metal ninja camp, develop a sleep routine, learn when to stop, what to eat, how to shop, - everything you need for a successful transformation.

In just 10 minutes a day you’ll reshape your relationship with food and create shifts in mindset like never before. And if you don’t have 10 minutes a day? Then I think is time to reassess your priorities. There’s always time if you make it.

This is all built around you and your preferences, so that includes vegans, vegetarians and any other nutritional preferences or requirements.

And for those of you who cant cook? Dont worry. I cant cook all that well either but guess what? You dont need to. You’ll be learning how to make 5 minute meals, create super shakes and all kinds of things to help you along the way. By the end of it, you’ll probably come out of it actually able to cook and enjoy it. You just have to be willing to try.

As part of the package you’ll also receive your own customised Quickstart guide containing your personalised portion recommendations, shopping lists and food prep guide so you can get going right away.

You’ll be able to see exactly how much to eat using the hand portion method taking the guess work out of everything. You wont need to waste hours trying to figure out what to eat and how much - I’ve done it all here for you, taking into account your goals and personal stats such as weight and activity level. It’s an amazing tool to have.

Further to this you’ll also receive 6 months of fitness training inside of pro coach to super charge your weight loss. We all know that excise is key to a healthy lifestyle so I’ve got you covered here too. No need to spend hours searching for the perfect workout plans or wasting money on celebrity fitness dvd’s or training gizmos.

You’ll be getting tried and tested, science back training methods to suit your circumstances, whether that’s working out at home, or training around an injury.

I’ll think you’ll be surprised at what your body can do and how enjoyable excise actually is when you do it right and at a level that meets your current ability.

Speaking of injury…

I want you to meet Marie.

She broke her back in an accident a few years back. After getting the all clear from the doctors she started working with us and lost 13kg, and managed to avoid cholesterol medication. 

Age, injury, it’s not an excuse, so unless you’ve been told specially my a medical professional not to do something, you can exercise. And your body will thank you for it. There’s no better medicine than fitness and food. 

We’ll work at your level. There’s no crazy crossfit here. 

And to tie it all together, I’m going to give you access to a private support group with live, monthly coaching sessions to help you stay on track and manage any challenges you face during your transformation.

Suport is often the missing link in most program so we’ve added this as an extra to ensure your success. You’ll be part of a community of like minded women all with a common goal. No more going it alone.

And finally, to top it off, you’re going to get 6 months of 121 private coaching with me to ensure you get the absolute best results possible.

I’ll work with you through the ups and downs of daily life, proving you with support, accountability, strategy and direction in a way you’ve never experienced before.

I’ll personally coach you through the program, helping you every step of the way with a weekly 30 minute coaching call. That 26 sessions, 121, on top of everything else.

I value my time more than anything else and i’m giving it to you at a reduced rate because I want you to succeed and finally break the cycle.

All of this totals up to £1600.

Realistically I should, and could charge more.

If this program helped you transform yourself and altered your life for the better, would it be worth it to you?

If I got you to stop counting calories, weighing food and tracking macros forever, would it be worth it?

If I helped you break free of fad dieting and stopped you getting ripped off by the fitness industry, would it be worth it?

And what if I helped you change your habits in such a way that it led to a healthier, happier life for you and your family, would it be worth it?

I could give this program out for cheap to the masses, but I don’t want to be like the fitness industry, I want to give you a personal experience and for you to get amazing value from this, because I care, and I want to see you succeed, but that means you need to invest a little more, so that I can dedicate more of my time and energy to your results. 

So if I could help you finally get the body and health you’ve always wanted, without you ever having to go on another diet, would it be worth it to you?

How much would you pay for that?

Would you see it as a cost, or an investment?

Because that’s what this is.

An investment in yourself. 

You’ve already seen how it’s easily worth £1600. But because you’ve given me your time today, I’m going to offer you this…

A 38% price reduction.

So you get the Elite Online Transformation for just £997. 

Plus a little bonus that I’ll tell you about in a moment.

To grab a space, head over to​​EOT.

In future, this program will go up in price, but because you’ve proven you really want results by attending this masterclass, I’m this offer available until all of the spaces are claimed.

If you were to hire me face to face for 6 months, you’d be paying a minimum of £2100, but I’m giving you this for £997.

And I’ll back it with a 30 day guarantee.

Grab a space, and if within the first 30 days you decide me and this program are not for you, I’ll give you back every penny you paid.

So you have nothing to lose.

It comes down to a choice really. 

You chose to be here, so now you get to choose again…

  1. Do nothing. Stay the same and probably get sucked back into the fad dieting cycle.


2.  Take a leap. Invest in yourself. Join me in this 6 month transformation and get the best results you’ve ever had. 

So the question is, are you ready?

Now I did mention  a bonus, so for those of you who answered yes to my previous question, you’ll also be getting a bonus welcome pack consisting of:

T-shirt, water bottle, earphones, recipe book and surprise book chosen by me.

All worth £64.99.

I have 10 spaces. 

Just 10.

Because I want those 10 ladies to get the best coaching possible and that cant happen if I take on too many people. 

So to be one of my ten, and to gain access to this life changing transformation program, just follow the link and claim your place.

I’ve even set up two payment options - £997 upfront or 6 mostly payments of £167.

It’s less than £6 a day. 

£6 a day to transform your life.

How often do you throw away £6 on something stupid you didn't need? Maybe a coffee and muffin and costa? Or a bottle of wine after a bad day at work?

If you’re willing to give those up, then you can do this.

And you don’t need to go ask your partner. This is for you. Taking responsibility is a key part of change, so take decisive action and do this for yourself.

I’ve been doing this for long enough to know that people never regret investing in themselves, especially their health. 

You can have excuses, or you can have life changing results.

And it’s on you to decide what type of person you want to be.

Are you an excuse maker or an action taker?

So that’s it ladies. If you’re still here, open a new tab and type in and get started of changing your life today.

100% risk free.

10 spaces. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this master class and you’ve taken something useful away. If you need anything please don’t hesitate to contact me either via the website or email at 

I’d be happy to help.

See you inside!

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