Transformation - I Just Said The C Word... Christmas!

I just said the “C” word…

I just said the “C” word…


It’s coming. Just a couple of months. 

The stress. The overeating. The alcohol. 

And the inevitable weight gain. 

You promise yourself every year that you’re going to be sensible and control yourself, but let’s face it, we’re all human and it happens.  

How about losing a few stone before all of this and allow yourself to enjoy a guilt free blowout knowing you can get right back on it in the new year?

Sound good? We think so too. That’s why we think you should check out our 6 week transformation and get festive ready.

Ready to scrap the seasonal stress? 

Then email me back for details of how to apply now!

Celeste Currie

Nutricoachdiet Co-Founder 


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