Weight Training For Ladies – Weights vs Running - Whats Best?

Weight Training For Ladies – Weights vs Running?

Weight Training For Ladies
Ladies Weight Training

Weight Training For Ladies – Weights vs Running?

Take a look at the images above.

What do you see?

One group of very thin, emaciated women, and another group of strong, fit looking women.

Given the choice, how would you choose to look?

This choice is what influences how you should train.

If you want curves in the right places, and a fit, sexy body, then you need to lift weights.

So Weight Training For Ladies Is The Key!​

Nutrition, mentality and other variables aside, lifting weights is the absolute best thing you can do to aid in your body Transformation efforts.

So why does everyone take up running when they want to lose weight??

Because Ladies are scared to lift weights.

They think a few heavy sessions will turn them into a giant muscle bound she-hulk. I'm sure you've seen the pictures of female bodybuilders. Not attractive right? Agreed.

But it's all a myth. It's physically impossible for a woman to gain that much muscle naturally.

And by naturally, I mean without drugs.

Our testosterone levels are nowhere near high enough to produce those kinds of results.

So what can you expect from weight training for ladies?

Yes you will gain some muscle, but guess what? Those muscle gains are what give your body it's shape. Those sexy curves you want? That's muscle. All this nonsense about toning? That's muscle, with less fat on top. You can't look lean and toned without muscle underneath.

If you lose the fat without the muscle underneath, you'll look emaciated and shapeless, just like the long distance runners.

Muscle is more metabolically active. What does this mean? It means you burn more calories daily, making it easier to keep your fat levels down. Plus, a higher metabolism means you can eat more calories and maintain weight, or lose weight with a lesser caloric deficit than someone who has no muscle.

In short - Eat more without being fat and still looking good!

You'll get stronger, more powerful. Imagine how much easier lugging the push chair in and out the car will be? And carrying the shopping? You'll be able to do it all in one trip!

Day to day life becomes so much easier when you're strong and fit.

Weight training can prevent osteoporosis and various age related deterioration diseases. Chase the grandkids around, maybe even the great grandkids!

Your posture will improve. You'll stand taller, walk with confidence, hold your head high.

Being physically strong is linked directly to mental strength. Strong body, strong mind. I've told you before how training is a natural antidepressant, and it's also the best way to build a solid work ethic. You cheat your workouts, you cheat yourself. Resistance training builds grit and determination. Grit and determination are precursors to success.

Sure, you can run if you want to. If it's something you enjoy and you're good at, by all means go ahead. But don't expect a sexy, curvy body if you're constantly pounding the pavements...

Long distance running is limited in what it can do for your body composition; you only burn calories DURING the activity, and after a while, your body adapts, becomes more effective at completing the activity, and you begin to burn less calories doing it, meaning you have to do more and more to get the same results.

It's also time consuming, and greatly increases the risk of knee and ankle injuries, particularly for those who are overweight. In most cases, you can even GAIN weight from running too much; ending up looking like a skeleton with fat bits everywhere, wobbling every time you go for a run. We call this "skinny fat". Google it. Definitely not something to aim for.

But don't I need to do Cardio??

Not if your nutrition is up to scratch, but if you want to, you can incorporate some Conditioning work.

Also know as HIIT - High intensity interval training.

This means doing exercises at maximum intensity over short periods interspersed with rest/recovery.

Training in this way hugely elevates your metabolism, burning more calories during the workout AND up to 24 hours after. It's also extremely hard to become efficient at, so your weight loss won't hit a wall in the same way it would with traditional cardio.

Time effective, fun, and greater results.

Couple this with weight training and good nutrition, and It's a win-win situation.

Ready to ditch the running and try this for yourself?

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