Weight Watchers/Slimming World - 3 Reasons why we feel the bad outweighs the good!

Weight Watchers / Slimming World - 3 Reasons Why We Feel The Bad Outweighs The Good!

Everybody knows somebody who has joined weight watchers or slimming world. Many of these have seen some great weight loss.

But how many of those put it back on when they stop?

And how many really achieve their body transformation goals?

Sure, losing a few pounds is great, but completely changing your body; becoming your fittest, strongest, leanest self ever is something worth talking about.

So Why Do Weight Watchers and Slimming World Work?

Accountability is the key theme.

Each week you weigh yourself in front of the group.

Nobody wants to be the one who didn't lose weight.

Nobody wants to be seen as a failure or feel the embarrassment of being the only one on the group who didn't drop, or even worse, gained weight.

This level of accountability is what makes it work.

But Only Temporarily.

The problem with doing something out of fear, is that eventually you will give up, because it's too stressful. Who wants to spend the whole week worrying about looking stupid in front of group of people who don't really give a shit about you? Nobody. So this is the first issue with Weight Watchers.

Accountability is 100% necessary to achieve your weight loss goals. But a weekly public shaming is not the best way to do it. Working with a coach, tracking and competing in small teams is perhaps better. You know you need to lose weight for the good of the team, but you're not publicly shamed about your weight.

The second issue with this approach is that it doesn't address the reasons why you didn't lose any weight that week. It doesn't look at your lifestyle and habits to search out patterns in order to address the behaviours that led to the weight gain in the first place. It's not working to build new, healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Weight watchers is only good whilst your on it. Which mean as soon as you stop, you put the weight back on and have to pay to rejoin. Only this time round you start buying their prepackaged meals to make it even easier, without realising that you're setting yourself up for more weight gain when you stop eating their calorie controlled, glorified junk food. You're missing out on learning how to choose/prepare/cook and portion control healthy food, which is a skill necessary for sustainable weight loss.

The Third Problem Is That There's No Exercise Program In Place.

They can ask you to exercise, but without a coach to build a plan and help you implement it, it's pointless.

You cannot transform your body by dieting alone.

It requires good nutrition AND targeted exercise.

Plus mindset and the right support system.

It takes more than what they are offering, BUT with the right coach and the right system you can have this, and more.

Which is exactly what our Transformation clients get.

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