Your Excuse Is Invalid - 5 Hacks For Finding More Time!

Your Excuse Is Invalid! 5 Hacks For Finding More Time!

Your Excuse Is Invalid! 5 Hacks For Finding More Time.

Fast Fitness !


3 Sessions a week.

That’s what we recommend here at Nutricoachdiet to achieve maximum results.
3 structured training sessions each week. And an increase in daily activity.

Simple really.

But if I had a pound for every time someone told me “I don’t have time!” I could retire early!

Seriously. It’s the most common excuse in weight loss. In fact, it’s the most common excuse in life in general.

We live in a society where being busy all the time is a sign of success, and I get that, because running a business and trying to balance life is hard. I’m always busy. BUT it’s not an excuse. When we break it down, and we look with unbiased eyes, you’d be surprised to find how much time you actually waste in a day.

This is the difference between those people who are successful in their endeavours, and those who aren’t – simply being able to make the most of their time. To plan, schedule and think outside the box when it comes to getting stuff done.

Here’s 5 hacks to help you get your fitness in, no excuses!

1 Schedule!

Make it part of the plan for the day. Write it down, and you increase your chances of doing it by 80%. Build your day around it, and make it a priority.

2 Stop Being A Social Media Addict

Stop the mindless scrolling. Seriously. It’s a waste of time. Time that could be spent doing other stuff in order to free up time to train. What are you gaining from social media? Not a damn thing. Turn that shit off.

3 Use Your Lunch Break

You could quite easily stick a short workout in here. 10 minutes is better than nothing! It could be bodyweight training, or even just a walk. Don’t waste your lunch break eating shit and scrolling through Facebook. And definitely don’t sit at your desk and keep working. Studies show that we are more productive when we work in short bursts followed by breaks, so make use of the time you have and do something physical!

4 Consider Your Hobbies and Daily Activities 

How could you turn a daily task into a workout? Walk the dog? Turn the walk into an interval sprint session! Shopping? Park further away and carry your bags. Elevator? Take the stairs. Why not do it twice. Hell you could even run  them, Rocky style.

5 Keep A Journal and Time Block.

Write everything down and look for things that can be cut out and replaced by a workout. What work or home tasks can you delegate? What do you do, but don’t really need to do? What do you do that you hate doing? Could you get up earlier and train first thing? There’s always a way to find more time – you just have to look for it.

Really, “I don’t have time” is just a cover for some other excuse…

“I don’t care…”
“I can’t be bothered…”
“I’m scared…”
“I don’t know how…”

Find your time, conquer your excuses and do what you said you would do!

Once you take responsibility, life get’s easier.

So there you have it!

Time to ditch the excuses!

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